Candidate Testimonials

“I came into contact with MCK Global in June 2022, and by November 2022 I started work in my new role in the UK as a fabricator, with the process being exactly as they told me.

MCK Global treated me with patience and warmness, but with strict professionalism at the same time. My advice is, if you have what is required, engage with MCK Global. Salute MCK Global”.

Mambo (Structural Steel Fabricator)

“Your work is extremely important because you help two parties at once.

You help people find jobs and companies find employees. Personally, for me, you not only found a job for me, but also saved me and my child.

You gave hope for the future for which I am infinitely grateful to you. You are very friendly and lovely people who know how to guide others.

Your work combines not only experience in the construction industry, but also psychology and approach to people. Only such a company can achieve great success and be a real professional”

Lina (HVAC Project Engineer from Ukraine now in Ireland)

“Dear Reaha and Paul, I wanted to thank both of you for the professional counselling during the hiring process for my new position. I really appreciate that you have been constantly available to answer my questions to help me get through the different phases of the recruitment process between different countries. It was the first time for me and your expertise and advice has helped me be more comfortable and, therefore, focused on the job interview process. It is also very nice of you of checking my status after I moved to Dublin to see whether everything was going well before starting the new job.”

Leonardo (Senior Façade Engineer)

“I want to say thank you to MCK Global recruitment and to share my experience about them. After my recent cooperation with Reaha from MCK Global I saw a high level of professionalism as Reaha and MCK Global took care in each step of the recruitment process, from the carefully selected job position through to the preparation for the interview and in the end to the relocation issues. Thanks a lot guys, keep doing your best!”
Ivaylo (Façade Engineer)

“Hi Paul, I am still at ‘X’ and the company has expanded from two Fabrication shops in Alberta to a new shop 1 1/2 hours away in a town called Lamont. It does not seem 7 years on February 12th that we all flew out of Gatwick London. All the family is settled into the Canadian lifestyle. I know it’s been 7 years but if I did not say thank you at the time Thank-you.
Ian (Fabricator)

“Dear Corey,

I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me since our first contact. I would like to emphasise your ability to approach people which produces the best possible result. In my case, your ability to cooperate and your concern have been extremely helpful. Your advice and the information you gave me throughout the process was accurate and to the point. Personally, you made me feel that I had the help of someone who really cares. Our communication has always been comfortable and friendly. You have always been there to answer my questions and help me in any way you could. As a result, if I ever needed a job, I would contact you without a second thought. Finally, in my opinion, you are very competent in your work and I believe that any company should feel lucky to have you”
Manos (Maintenance Electrician)

“About MCK global, the feedback I have is related to Catriona. I don’t have anything to point out that didn’t went go well. I think you were very helpful, friendly and polite. The communication was very easy and straight forward, you gave me a couple of pieces of advice to make good decisions. I’m glad that all the process went so well. I have never made such a huge change in my life in such a short time and so I’m glad when people like you come across in our lives and help with these for the best not asking for anything in return. The overall experience was good, and I really recommend MCK Global, so thank you.
Goncalo (Structural Engineer)

“When you take an important decision, you want the best people around you to guide you through the process. MCK Global (and especially Cameron) understood, maybe better than me, my professional needs and made it possible to reach my objectives. The entire recruitment/hiring process was extremely easy, and even now, after more than two months since I came to England, I still have friendly discussions with the MCK Global representative. Thank you for being and continuing so, because you are doing an extraordinary job.”
Daniel (Facade Designer)

“I was amazed by recruiting abilities and proactive approach of MCK Global professionals and I am thankful for enlarging my horizon for the career opportunities in front. Using the services, I have met friendly attitude and good co-operation which were the key factor for making a big decision.”
Boyan (Tekla Detailer)

I first got in touch with MCK Global considering a position they had in Scotland, I didn’t know exactly what to think. After a short chat I realised that it was all real. The following steps were two very punctual interviews with MCK Global and my current employer and then, here I am in Scotland, as simple as that. The whole process was very professional and smooth hence I would recommend MCK Global to anyone who is looking to advance their career in Civil Engineering. Thank you for the opportunity that you offered me!”
Andrei Ionescu (CAD Technician) 

“MCK Global provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into. Which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. I would recommend MCK Global to anyone looking to get into the great world of Civil Engineering.”
Radu (Tekla Detailer)

“I was impressed by how efficient you guys were and how quickly you got back to me all the time. Every time I needed something you guys got back to me straight away.” Kristian

“The team of MCK Global helped me taking a crucial decision that changed my life. They made me feel they genuinely cared about me, and that’s really important, as every detail is taken care of.”
Rui Costa (Structural Engineer)

“I would like to encourage everyone who is thinking about moving to and working in Canada…don’t hesitate, it’s really worth it. Thank you very much MCK Global!!!”

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this process and I’m very very glad I undertook it.”

“I applied for a position in Calgary. Soon after, MCK Global contacted me and invited me to an interview with the company in Calgary. I found the interview very relaxed and the people very friendly. Within eight to ten weeks I was on a plane with my family heading for Calgary. I couldn’t have done this without the help of the staff of MCK Global. They were so fast and efficient in the paperwork process for the visa application.”

“When I received an email advertising a job in Canada it took my wife and I about 10 minutes to agree that I should apply for it. This was on Saturday morning and on Monday evening I was talking to Paul about the job. Paul was very honest and explained it was rural and advised that we should research the area and then if I still wanted to apply I should phone him the next day. This was reassuring as it meant that MCK didn’t just see us as a way of getting paid by the employer; they cared that we would be happy over here. About 4 months later I landed in Calgary.”

“My move to Canada for work was made extremely stress free and easy thanks to MCK Global. I was a bit worried at first but once I arrived, everyone was so helpful. Everyone would bend over backwards to help with anything I needed to get settled. I’m 100% happy with my decision to relocate to Canada, and to use MCK Global for finding work here. I would like to thank them very much.” Stephen

“MCK Global took care of all the paperwork and correspondence for me at no expense to me. A big thanks to Paul, Dan and Shane.”