In times of sector specific skill shortages businesses can find themselves without the resources to take on additional projects or deliver existing workloads to the required standard.

Working with organisations in Europe and Canada, MCK Global has successfully placed over 300 personnel with clients who had difficulty sourcing quality workforces locally. While doing so we have delivered employee retention levels of 92%.

We are called on to assist our clients when:

  • Specific skills are hard to come by.
  • Unfilled positions start to affect performance.
  • Usual recruitment methods have failed.
  • There is the desire to retain work in house and reduce reliance on subcontractors.

Our clients also call on us when:

  • Location means that it is difficult to attract and retain key personnel.
  • Unfilled positions cause poor morale among existing staff who are carrying the burden.
  • A lack of skills impact on the bottom line.

Our clients utilise our solutions when:

  • Seeking a competitive advantage by acquiring and retaining skills in demand.
  • Safeguarding against losing work to competitors due to a lack of skills.
  • Performance can be maximised by the addition of scarce but vital personnel.