MCK Global was formed in 2012, its founders having over 15 years of international recruitment experience working with some of the largest construction and engineering firms in the world. We believe in recruitment that has a meaningful impact on businesses and people’s lives. Helping a company expand by finding key personnel in the face of local skills shortages is meaningful. Likewise hearing from a candidate from the UK who has set up home at the foot of the Rocky Mountains for a new job in Canada is meaningful.

MCK Global started out by fulfilling a need in Canada for skilled tradespeople from Europe. Using our knowledge of how and where to recruit good people, and what it takes to relocate workers across borders and oceans, our business quickly grew as our clients in Canada benefited from skills not readily available locally.

Closer to home in the UK, we are being called upon to assist with addressing growing skills shortages in the construction and engineering sectors. Our solution is logical – we identify regions where we can successfully and efficiently source the skills required by our clients.

It is not only about finding the skills, however. We know that there is a science behind sourcing candidates who have the required character to succeed in their new roles. We have the training and experience to identify these candidates through personality profiling and our tried and tested recruitment practises. Crucially for our clients, taking on such individuals means that retaining them within their organisation is far more likely.

At the core of our offering is a genuine desire to improve our clients’ businesses and our candidates’ lives. This is reflected in our levels of customer service and determination to deliver a recruitment solution to your advantage. While working with our clients and candidates we behave as if our livelihood depends on your success.
With extensive experience to draw upon, and a proven track record, our way sees results. Clients who meet their business objectives by acquiring much-needed skilled and valuable staff. Candidates who settle productively into their new role, company, and culture.

To discuss how we can help you, call us – UK: +44 (0) 141 280 0144, Canada: 780 817 8438.

Or send us an email to – info@mck-global.com